Winning KESHA experience in the Philippines

I've won 2 invites to Ke$ha's Pre-concert party at URBN, The fort as well as 2 tickets to her concert plus dinner for two! So I'll be writing about my experience to both of these events.


I went to URBN with my friend Jayne, She's always my partner in crime lol. We've met couple of friends from there, 2 girls are one of the winners of Ke$ha's make up contest, I'm glad She knows me so She approached me asking me to join them! 2 handsome guys from Australia named Gavin and Jeff talked to us and spent half of our time with them. We've also met a group of friends, they were nice and we still hang out whenever there's a party!! We've met A LOT of people! but these are the people we enjoyed partying with LOL! The Party was amazing, I swear. It was the best experience we've ever had! Thanks to Ke$ha! From then on, We party at The Fort every week! WE JUST CAN'T STOP!

This is my worst shot ever!! 


Ok, I don't have pics at the concert (only selfies)  but I have couple of videos! It was saved on my phone! KESHA WAS AMAZING OMG! I wasn't expecting her to be that awesome on stage coz I used to watch her LIVE on YouTube and her voice is way different from the song! One things for sure though, She was singing while the song is playing!!!!!! I noticed it I swear like a word from the song was done, she stopped after a second! She did it twice so yeah I knew it!! whatever though, SHE WAS AWESOME!