Halloween 2013 Experience

OMG! This was my first Halloween Party experience and it was awesome! 

Ok, first off, let me tell you who I am and my friends for Halloween, 

Me as Shakira

Joanna as Snooki

Jayne as Wednesday Addams

The night before, we were already partying at URBN, we've met a lot of nice and decent people though, it was also a fun night! when we got home, we thought that we don't have any more plans the next day but then we randomly decided to party again that night! It's HALLOWEEN!!! so we decided to spend our entire night at HYVE, but! when we got in, We felt bored even though the entire place was full! So we went to URBN! It's always fun at URBN we never get bored whenever we're there. I promise! 

(the disgusting part at URBN)
There's a guy in Pink polo that smiles like a perv He's old like around 50 He's looking at people like He wants to rape everyone omg! and another was beside me, there were two grown up couple like around 50 years of age as well, making out like there's no tomorrow OMFG. I was so grossed out coz I randomly saw their tongue coming out of their mouth. That was insane!! LOL!

3 macho papas went inside URBN, one of them was Daniel Matsunaga! They're such hotties!

We went back to HYVE and met a lot of people, We've met couple of people from England, Swiss, Germany and India! Then we saw our old friends from Kesha Pre-concert party later that night and ended our night with them! 

My fav drink as always!