No B day

You might be confused about my title and it says no B day, you might think that today is my No Boyfriend day or No Bl*w**b day but ha! for those who don't know me or didn't know me well enough, I don't have any Boyfriend, and I am not ready to mingle. My No B day is no bra day. I'm not writing that word in CAPSLOCK because that word is not something that you should CAPSLOCK about. 

Let's move on, I'm writing about no bra day because it's somehow useful when it comes to our outfit of the day. Since my top is a plunging neckline and it was not designed to be fit, I'd rather not have bras on. People would tend to say that I'm gifted since I'm asian (I don't really call it gifted because I feel like it's big for me, 38B and I'm only approximately 160cm tall, I'm already lucky coz my sister got the size of DD) sometimes, I feel like it's okay for me sometimes I feel like it's too small but most of the time specially when I'm wearing loose shirt, I feel like it's too big for me that when I'm wearing loose top, it makes me look FAT and that's the word that we should use CAPSLOCK. 

I'm not wearing any bra not because I wanted to reveal my skin but because I don't want to reveal my cleavage. When I wear bra, even without push ups, my breasts look way bigger and my cleavage will show, so to not let any pervs staring at it, my trick is to not wear any bra. Less cleavage will show than with bra on  so pervs out there won't pay attention on you.

Don't worry, I'm not totally naked, that feels a bit awkward since the top that I am wearing doesn't have any pads on. I'm wearing silicone pads to protect my breasts, I have the one that covers almost your entire breasts and the one that covers the areola. The round silicone for aerola is more comfortable since, it doesn't cover your entire breast but, I don't think you'll be confident enough wearing them because when you're wearing fit clothes and when you're wearing the round silicone, you'll notice that the part of your breast with silicone are out, making it look like you're not wearing any bra and your areola is massive. haha it would look funny so I suggest that when you wear fit clothes, use the silicone pads that covers almost your entire breast. 

I'm not saying that all breasts can't fit to the round silicone ones, If you have very round massive playboy breasts, you can use the round silicone ones without making it look like your areola is big. Try both silicone pads out to check which one fits you best. 

Silicone bra helps me big time specially when I wanted to wear something loose that I didn't want to make myself look fat. Sometimes, I also use bikinis for loose shirts to make my breast look small.

You can use sports bra as an alternative but I don't really wear sports bra that much because it's uncomfortable and I feel like it's too hot! If you're living somewhere out there far from the equator then I guess you'll be fine with it. 

Hope this helps!