My Fav Products & Reviews

Well, this is the best foundation I've got! It's in shade MEDIUM PLUS. Basically, I don't like thin foundations like from The Face Shop or Etude House, I just personally like highly pigmented foundations so your face flaws will be covered clearly. I love how this MAC compact powder looks so natural to my skin and covers my flaws at the same time! Purchasing this is definitely worth it! I think It's also good for all skin types.

This Dior Skin Sculpt is the most highly pigmented foundation that I've used in my entire life! You'll only need a very small amount of foundation to cover your entire face! This shade 012 is lighter for me which I really really like. Well, I'm not bothered having liquid foundations lighter than my skin tone because I use loose powder or compact powder with the same tone as mine over it and I use bronzer for contouring, so lighter liquid foundation doesn't really matter to me so I'm not scared to buy the wrong shade as long as it is not darker than my skin tone. 

This is the far most best liquid foundation that I've got! Definitely worth it!

Basically, this PROYA is my 2nd most fav liquid foundation because it is also very pigmented. I like Dior more because it is more pigmented than this one but same thing, highly pigmented. You'll be needing a little more amount than the DIOR foundation to cover the entire face. What's good about this is that it looks really natural even if it's highly pigmented. 

I am a fan of gel liner and this is basically my fav gel liner ever!! omg. when I bought this, I don't think I'll ever replace this gel liner anymore! But yeah, as for now, I am sticking to it because it's definitely amazing!!
I've tried Maybelline, Essense, Elf and Smashbox but NYX is the best of them all! 
( Review on these item soon)

What's so good about this NYX GEL liner? well, it says that GEL liner & SMUDGER! so it's a 2 in 1! but that's not exactly the reason why I loved this Gel Liner! It's because it stays there on your eye forever!! When it's still wet, you can smudge it and turn it into an eyeshadow but if you used it as an eyeliner, wait for it to dry and it will never going to smudge! 

In my personal experience, I tried rubbing it with wet towels, washed it with soap, rinsed it with water, it did fade a little but it's still there!! the only thing you're going to remove the entire Gel liner is to use a Make up remover!! woo awesome isn't it? and I'm that kind of person who used to not remove my make up while sleeping because I'm a LAZZZZZZZYYY person!

 I use EYELINER every single day and most of the time I don't remove them to sleep ( that's when I'm not using NYX yet ) and when I wake up, the eyeliner is all over my face and there's a lot of eye booger! (haha excuse me) but yeah, It's a bit uncomfortable, then I got really pissed of it for quite a very long time, so soon enough, how lazy I can be, I started removing my make up before going to sleep. 

When I bought this NYX gel liner, it influenced me to become lazy again!! I sleep with this gel liner on and when I wake up in the morning, it didn't smudge and it's not uncomfortable! I accidentally rubbed my eyes once, knowing that I don't have any make up on but while rubbing my eye, I remembered that I forgot to remove my gel liner and hurriedly checked my hands if the gel liner did smudge in my hands but there's not and I got amazed by this gel liner! yay. I finally found it!

Sorry, I really love MAC, I just had to take a picture of this. Haha, so simple and classy!
but it's not really something to be amazed about. For me, it's just a regular loose powder that tops it off over liquid foundations. 

I love the Package! hahaha sorry, I just had to take a picture of it! It's so classy. My mum bought it for me and I loved it. <3

I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE this lotion! I am a HUGE MAJOR MASSIVE FAN OF GLITTERS and OH MY GOD. I love everything that sparkles!! 

ok shut up Jameline, I love this lotion because it gives shimmer to your skin. Well, it's not like it is obvious but it is golden shimmery, not shimmery like Edward Cullen. It gives you that golden skin and it looks TAN! and I love being tan so it fits me really well. But if you don't want to look tan, I guess this lotion doesn't fit you at all. 

But if you're a big fan of glitters like me and you want to have glittery skin, you can use other lotions like (ugh sorry I just remembered that I have that lotion and I used to have that lotion and I don't know where it went and I loved that lotion and I don't know who took it huhuhuhuhu) ok let's move on. 

Use glittery lotion or body mist like 


I love this scent so much omg! I have this body mist in different scent called 
MOONLIGHT PATH AND SECRET WONDERLAND. But I love SWEET PEA more than any of those scents they have. 

Like I said, I'm a fan of glitters and I bought this body mist as soon as my eyes lingered on this bottle (lol) 
I liked it because it's shimmery haha I only used it less than 5 times in my entire life. It's just going to be another glitter collection!

Next would be that glitter dust! I love this so much because you can put it anywhere! Face & Body! All in one! you can put that on your hair if you want. lol kidding. I know I know, (NOT FUNNY JAMELINE) but yeah. Also, what's good about Yves Rocher is that it is 100% organic! Sorry, I just love glitters so much!

You can find Yves Rocher at Trinoma.

Another Glitter stuff! hahaha sorry I am really addicted. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. ok enough with that phrase. It's for LE HAIR! my mum knew that I love glittahs so when she went to a salon in China, she bought me that thing! I don't know how to call it because I can't read those words written there so I guess I'll call it Glitter Hair Gel? It's gel but it's not that kind of gel that gets really hard on your hair. It's just a regular gel that sticks those glitters on your hair. 

PS: It doesn't stick on your hair all day. (that's not glue ok) lol

I love this SUN BLOCK! it says it's invisible because it's not like other sun blocks that is white and you have to spread it evenly. You can use this when you go out ( not necessarily going to the beach ) because it's invisible or transparent, and you won't need to worry about uneven sunblock on you skin yo! 

This helps me big time specially on summer days since I go under the sun A LOT. 

My everyday perfume! I love musky smell.

It's so peaceful to look at doesn't it?

I bought this in a VERY low price. Only 950 Pesos I guess? ($23-$25) and I LOVEEEE the smell! I can't really explain it but I guess it smells like Jasmine and I LOVE the smell of Jasmine. I have this one in PINK and I love the smell too. The scent is almost the same but it's not. really. duh. 

I've been using this for my entire High School year and it's almost empty. 

I don't use this that much because the smell is very light but I love it because it smells MINTY and fresh.

I love this musky Perry Ellis perfume too! I can't explain how lovely the smell was so nevermind. Haha

I think this is my FIRST ever perfume. The scent is Jasmine! told ya! and it's in color orange because DUH I used to love orange that my Facebook name was changed into ORANGE KNICKERS. lol

My FAV cologne! yay! 
(same smell with my ex-bf)

The smell is awesomely amazing omg it stays forever! (for me)

My one and only make up remover!

And lastly, I recommend this Sally Hansen Nail polish remover because it is AWESOME! specially when you want your nails LONG and it prevents your nails on breaking! My nails is stronger by the moment I used this and I guess I will never use anything else besides this. (well, I could try some products haha)

TIP: If you found the right product for you, STICK TO IT! 
(but it's ok to try something else too)