Me in The 60s

Our professor gave us 1960's theme to wear for the 2nd week of class (She's going to assign a theme every meeting) and I decided to dress up like that! 


Polka dots was famous in the 50's and it was continued to the early 60's. 

Mini's Skirt was invented by Mary Quant in the 60's

Loafers was popular in the 60's 

Hair bow, YES in The 60's

Tights, of course that was invented way way back and we still wear them 
(we can't really wear mini skirts in class so we wear tights under)

I wish I've said my HOWS to my professor because when She was calling out names to explain the outfit I panicked I'm like is that even possible lol so yeah, when I was called I was speechless I was mental blocked but I did a lot of research the day before! Also, talking in front of the class early in the morning is not really my thing so yeah, I felt really really bad after!! I'm sooo having a very hard time moving on to my issue! (never doing that again!!!) I'm going to prepare my script next time LOL!

Hope this helps! Thanks! x