This is the FIRST plate that I've made for my class and I call it 

Sept. 16, 2013

I know it's a bit corny but that's the only title I could think of. It fits anyways so.
Basically, the meaning of my title would be something about how the mysterious owl could send a message once a person sees it. I've heard that when you saw an owl, something will happen, some say, someone will die and other's would say it could be luck. 

Owl is a very wonderful creature and I don't think it will send bad message to anyone. Some say that when you see one, you're going to get a very incredible gift and that's where I found my title for this plate. Owl can be creepy, it can be weird or scary to some people but it is actually a wonderful gift from nature. Some people just don't notice that. Anyone or anything here in this world are important and it will always have its purpose. 

I decided to have a variety of sizes of dots. Bigger dots would be the outline of my work and smaller would be the shading and etc. I love my work and I feel so relaxed when I look at it. My friends told me it would look pretty on a coffee shop and I guess they were right! lol