Muscle Tee

I decided to have my own logo. Diamond with a crown on top because I feel like it's more unique, classy and me. 

I'd love to have my own personalized shirt so I asked my friend to print one out for me. I wanted my name on it but then I realized that it's not that good to look at so I decided to just use the symbol and added my acronyms on it.  Both turned out nice but then it's still hard to choose which one is better. I mean, I like my whole name on the shirt but then the symbol and the acronym looks better than the other one so I'm actually planning to ask my friend to make both designs for me. 

I used to ask my friend to customize me a muscle tee, but with different design. But then I realized that it's not something to be "wow" about since it's really plain and simple. 

Here is the design that was supposed to be on the muscle tee. 

Good thing I changed my mind and planned to make a new one and I guess it's going to be so worth it!