I love how my small eyes matches my tanned skin, It makes me look like I am half Filipina haha EXOTIC! To be honest, Filipinos look so perfect when they are mixed with different races. REALLY, I honestly admire their looks and I am quite jealous about it! just like VANESSA HUDGENS (perfect!) but yeah, I am also proud of  how I look since I am 100% Chinese and I don't even look like I'm PURE! 

So basically I am a huge fan of cropped top mainly because I love showing off my navel piercing lol. ( YOU GUYS ARE JUDGING ALREADY! HAH! ) but yeah, what's that piercing for if you don't show it off right? and even if I am not that confident enough to show my belly because it's a bit chubby (well, not FLAT) I am still confident enough to take a picture of it! lol! I always say to myself that I am not that fat anyways so it's OKAY.

So yeah, I match my cropped top with a single slit aztec maxi skirt to complete my modern native look.