MAKE-UP TUTORIAL: For Asian eyes (without crease & eyelid folds)

This tutorial would be very helpful for those who have eyes like mine that doesn't have any crease or even eyelid folds. My eyes are just plain simple.


1. Apply thicker eyeliner to make it look bigger. Specially if you don't have any eyelid folds, thin eyeliner will not show up. 
2. Add crease to make it look extra bigger and deep.
3. Apply white eyeliner on your water line and apply dark eye shadow under your water line to make your eyes double extra bigger (lol)
4. Apply eyelashes, (i use thick ones) to make it EXTRA MASSIVE.

( Don't worry, it won't look big like Lady Gaga's eyes in Bad Romance music video. Since you have small eyes, it would only look normal for you or just a bit bigger )