Bridesmaid in Pink

As you can see, the dress didn't fit me that well, the chest part was too high and I feel like it's too long for me but it's not that bad so it's okay.......not

I was supposed to wear black shoes but brown fits me well since I have brown hair and black shoes fits for black hair. You can imagine it.

I never became a fan of pink so I feel like I was forced to wear this color. But it didn't turn out that bad so, ok.

Haha, I took the wrong bouquet but I was able to replace mine with pink handle. ugh

This was my dress design but it's not exactly like that huhuhu I want it to be really simple, really plain in front and back no sequins and everything but in the end I realized, it's too plain! omg. cmon' it's my first time being a bridesmaid so I apologize. I know nothing about this crap but now I know ok? haha. I only thought that I should be really simple because eh, I'm the bridesmaid but now I know. ok. ok. ugh. shh

I don't feel like this is me because I look like a.... PRINCESS. HAHA. Forgive me. This is just once in a lifetime. 

x Jameline H