THIS SHIRT ABOVE is the reason why I got an invite from A+ DROPOUTS for meet & greet
I didn't win because I was far late to know that it was based on likes then 3 designs that get most likes, they will basically pick which one is the best in creativity and they'll win tickets for concerts!
fair enough.

FORTUNATELY, I won a ticket by joining A LOT of contests. It was hard work, really. I won a free standing ticket, but for some cool reasons, I got the chance to enter MOSH PITS for free!
the event was amazing! honestly, it's not over crowded but there are tons of people. At first I was expecting that there are jeje's going to the concert specially in the bronze area since I got the standing ticket but I was wrong!!! the event was amazing, people there are amazing! it's not like the other concerts that people are gonna get really crazy that someone will actually collapse due to dehydration because people are so close to each other they can actually fuck without anyone knowing. 

I know that for some people, OVER CROWDED is more fun! but I never liked over crowded, I don't want to get so close to people like I can smell their sweat, breath and everything! specially it's a concert! you get really sweaty! AND the top reason is that I don't wanna get robbed! you'll never know your wallet is gone and you don't have any money for transportation or you lost your phone. ugh

So yeah, that's the reason why I'm not a concert addict. But I love going to concerts, it's always FUN! so mostly, if I go to any concerts, I'm always in the front part where you wont actually push each other to death. It's way more expensive but if you're really a hard core fan just like me being a hard core fan of NICK SANTINO or A Rocket to the Moon,  I guess I am willing to spend my money on HIM. 

When I got home the next day from the event, I was really sleepy! I couldn't get the chance to check my e-mail because I was still expecting to win another ticket from PH FASHION WEEK 2013! and I guess my instinct is right this time, well, not just this time because I know that I am going to win a ticket to this event and I know that I can be at MOSH PITS and it didn't fail! ALSO, I know that I will get the chance to walk on the runway in the GLORIETTA VIBE event! I didn't lose any hope at all! so I guess my instincts are always right! well, most of the time! 

So yeah, when I went home on SUNDAY, I slept the whole night and when I woke up the next day, I checked my e-mail without apparent reason, I saw an email from PH FASHION WEEK and I was like "FUCK MY LIFE!!!" This would've been my amazing week ever! I would've met A+dropouts (I don't really mind), CIRCUIT FEST and FASHION WEEK all in 1 WEEK! but I was like " nahh, well I guess I'm still lucky enough to be picked as one of the guests " 

It's actually my LUCKY DAY that day because I got the chance to meet ROB CHIANELLI from We are the in crowd, CAMERON LEAHY, DAVID PAVLUK, KYLE RODGERS from The downtown fiction, and WILLIE SANTOS the skateboarder! they're all so nice, I swear I'm not even lying! 

I wanted to have a pic of CONNOR MCDONOUGH from Before you Exit but I was ONE minute late! JUST ONE MINUTE!!!! I was in the Starbucks just in front of them because I need to get some cinnamon swirl for myself, but when I get to them, they were already inside the van already, they are heading to tagaytay. DAYM! so close!!! so yeah, whatever! it was still fun without him!

This day simply tested our patience in life and I am 100% sure that me and my friends are patient enough to wait for the good things in life!!


oh! and that guy up there wearing black told me "hey, I like your dress"


Here we are, except timothy :(