My design for A+ DROPOUTS artwork contest for circuit fest!!

Well, I don't know which one of those are the best color for the band so I got 5 colors. 

I used black t-shirt since the band was PUNK (i guess, looking at their pictures, they're PUNK right?) most of the t-shirts that I've seen is white, but I'd prefer black, it fits on the band itself and their style as well. 

I used SKULL, because looking at their style, their pictures, and I think the skull fits them well and I don't really wanna make it look ROCK or EMO, so I blended it with some contrasts of colors so it wont look boring.

I used the band name A+ DROPOUTS and not their lyrics because A+ dropouts should be the center of attention not the lyrics itself right? heheh well, it could be the lyrics but I'd prefer to be A+ dropouts. 

ALL IN ALL, I designed this t-shirt so that everyone with this kind of style would wear them even it they are not A+ DROPOUTS fans, they would still buy it and I've been asked a lot by people if they are for sale too so I guess that's the proof! haha! 

Well, they wouldn't also mind if there is a band name there because if other people don't know this band, they would still buy it if they can relate to it. They're gonna be like " YO IMMA A+ DROPOUT " I'm swag! lol if you know what I mean. so, yeah! 

Also, I joined this contest not because I'm a A+ dropouts fan, but WHO DOESN'T WANT FREE TICKETS TO SEE THIS CENTURY RIGHTTT??? and it also relates to fashion so go for it! this is kind of like a challenge for me if I'm good enough to design a shirt in a different category of my style!
so yeah, I hope I win this contest!!!! haha

Thanks for reading this! hope you like it!

and oh! which color do you prefer?