old room

Even if it looks old and poor, I still miss everything that's in here. oh look! pink panties, OMG I can't believe that I forgot to take that out there before taking a picture of my bedroom. lol. 

My friends and I have A LOT of funny, stupid, annoying memories in this bedroom, we used to fall asleep on that bed and that couch and they ALWAYS use my house as a pick up and drop off place since it was like the center of everyone's house. 

Because of my family problems, we couldn't afford a new bed and a new couch and a new house and a new cabinet and everything. ALL of the things there are from our old house.

Well, it sucks to imagine when you were once a daughter of a rich parents and suddenly it all turned upside down, I couldn't imagine how stupid my dad was to just waste all of our family wealth to someone who doesn't even worth to have them all, our helper.  

It also sucks that before this family problem occur, my mom was about to buy a new mansion with 6 bedrooms, I don't know how many bathrooms, an enormous swimming pool and a huge garden, it was near the airport. It's like a dream come true! but it never happened so whatever, it turns out that this fucked up problem happened, and we lived in a place that is hard to imagine. 

So yeah, I was very grateful to have this experience as well because I know how it feels like being rich, and poor, and currently, a normal life. I think it was a gift for me. A gift on how to actually manage to experience my life in a complicated way, to share my life with people, my friends back then, and now, How they accept me for who I am, how they are always there for me. I am very happy to have them in my life and if this problem did not happen, I would NEVER met them EVER in my life and I would NEVER know how it feels like being with them and I WOULD never get the chance to feel the happiness that I am having with them right now, all of the bullying that we have done in the past couple of years and how we manage to keep ELATED even when we are struggling.

They are my friends, my life, my everything.