Broken nails

Bitches like to grow their nails looooooong enough to crack by itself, that's the hardest and the most heart breaking part of their lives.
How to fix it? Google is your friend, and I've seen a lot of tips online but I don't find any of them useful and effective to my massive nail cracking dilemma. So for me, the best way to fix my problem is to cut it. I know it's hard but that's the best solution to your problem. I've tried doing the tea bag and nail glue and stuff but it doesn't help at all and it makes the crack even more longer. I couldn't resist looking at my cracked nails so I just had to cut it. It's going to grow anyway and I'm patient enough to wait. Hope you guys are, too.

But if you couldn't resist looking at your fucked up nails, don't worry. Use fake nails while youre still waiting for your nails to grow. It helps a lot! (:

                               HERE'S A PIC OF MY FAKE POINTING FINGER NAIL