British flag

I'm apparently a MASSIVE fan of British flag. not exactly just British flag but everything about British/UK. for some reason I love everything about it. Sometimes I feel like I want to be one of them or simply just a part of them. I would always wish that I was born British rather than what I am now but that's life right? deal with it and be happy, I'm happy with who I am though but there are times we just don't. 

So yeah, for the fact that I was supposed to be a British citizen, it turned out that I'm not. Why? Because my parents went to Philippines and I was born there, in the Philippines. It's SAD to think that I was born in 1994 which is still considered as a British citizen because Hong Kong independence started at 1996 and I lost that opportunity. 

Look at the bright side. Hong Kong citizen have advantages too though, we can actually go to some places like in Europe that doesn't need VISA anymore! yay.